Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #9 Spoilers

Spoilers: Paris, then – Betsy caughts Fantomex and Cluster sleeping together. She threatens to shot at Fantomex’s head, but Cluster sides with him and doesn’t let Betsy do it. Betsy swears she will kill him another day. Psylocke texts Storm, saying she’s leaving it all behind.

Madripoor, now – The Demon Bear is feeding into Betsy’s anger and she tries to calm it down. Weapon XIII reveals he’s been keeping Fantomex at the library. Psylocke meets him. Betsy and Fantomex argue and end up fighting one another. She gets the upper hand, but decides she won’t kill him and will have to live her life knowing he got to her same way she got to him now. Weapon XIII is upset about Betsy’s betrayal. Psylocke unleashes the Demon Bear on him. Weapon XIII is gone, out there somewhere. Afterwards, Fantomex and Cluster tell Betsy they want to be merged together again so things can go back to the way they were. They want to toast to a new future with all three together, but Betsy leaves alone and toasts to herself.

Los Angeles, now – Bishop wakes up and reveals he brought the Revenant Queen with him. Storm and Puck try to calm him down. A Revenant is spying on them and warns his Queen that Bishop is alive.


FSaker said...

Yup. Like I guessed, she got over Fantomex and Cluster (at least for now... but it means that if they even meet each other again, they won't have the same luck with her). And the tattoo in the cover was just a metaphor of how her feelings for Fantomex were so attached to her (like if it was literally under her skin), meaning she didn't really get a tattoo.

Sure, she will probably meet them again, and she may even fall in love with either (or both) of them again. But the simple fact that she chose to get far from them shows that she is aware that this love was toxic to her and that she is fighting for her independence from anyone else. That's a nice start, right?

SoulTapestry said...

It's nice to see that she walked away making a choice solely invested in her interests/happiness.

It's also nice to see the Demon Bear as a visual manifestation of her inner turmoil. She reined it in until she chose to let loose. When she did it was potent and of her decision.

Vigmed said...

These always-on masks is just silly.

It's finally over! I had this huge smile seeing Bets leaving it all behind her. She's right. She does deserve to drink that champagne, and get "royally plastered." lmao It is just a big relief to see this come to an end. Now, in more ways than one, we can move on to new things.

There were times I liked the art, and others, not so much. Not very consistent. I'd imagine he could do well if he didn't have a deadline.

IF Fantomex and Cluster merge, I bet you that Marvel will decide to keep Cluster's form.

That aside, I seriously doubt Psylocke will ever fall in love with Fantomex (in any form) again. At least not in the same way she believed she loved him. If all three make the sum, well, they all used her and betrayed her. But, she'll probably sleep with him/her one final time when/if they merge. And I say that cause I'm starting to feel like writers are okay with emotionally abusing Psylocke. "Oh, she's gone through this and this, so why not this, too?" To this day, I still can not believe she was romantically involved with Sabretooth, even if he was from whatever alternate universe. I hate Fantomex, but I'd rather she be with him than Sabretooth.

I need to stop. I was happy, but now I'm getting upset.

I miss Psylocke and Angel. They were about as perfect a couple can be. And now, I'm sad. lol

FSaker said...

@Vigmed - Well, the Sabretooth she fell in love with was not only a different person than 616-Sabretooth (kinda like if they were twin brothers who never knew each other), but he was also a decent, honored man. As for Angel, though I like him, his relationship with Betsy was even more abusive to her in Remender's UXF book; he even planted a Death Seed in her body.

As for the art, two different artists drew the pages in this issue: Dalibor Talajic and Adrian Alphona. Personally, I prefer Alphona's art (the pages posted in this blog are all his; the preview pages for this issue were Talajic's), but I like Talajic's art, too (just not as much as I like Alphona's).

Vigmed said...

Eh, well, then you should know Warren had no control over that.

I do hope that it'll be a good long while before Bets gets involved with anyone else. Her heart needs a timeout, a time to heal.

FSaker said...

Yes, I agree: Betsy should remain single and out of love matters for a good while. Rachel is single nowadays, Rogue is single nowadays (at least I think she is), Storm is single (even though she kissed Wolverine recently), Jubilee is single. There's no reason why Betsy can't be single as well.

If Marvel needs a X-Woman in a relationship, well, Kitty is dating Iceman (which is probably even worse than dating Fantomex or Cluster), so she fills that quota.

Vigmed said...

LMAO! I did not know Kitty was dating Iceman. Laughed aloud reading that. I've so much to catch up on, but I'm letting some books amass so I've more reading material.

Yeah, I feel bad for Kitty, now.

Reminds of that time Polaris was kinda insane after Genosha and saying something to the extent of Bobby being a lousy, or lacking, lover.