Friday, December 21, 2012

Remembering Psylocke with Remender

CBR: After Psylocke made the decision not to kill the villainous Shadow King in "Final Execution," fate rewarded her by reuniting her with her lover Fantomex, who had been murdered early on in the storyline. That reunion came in "Uncanny X-Force" #35, where Fantomex's three brains were transplanted into three different clone bodies; the murderous Jean Philippe, the roguish Fantomex and the nurturing female clone known as Cluster.

Rick Remender: "It felt good to give Betsy and Fantomex that ending, but it was also hard to drop the mic and walk away from them because I love both of those characters," Remender said. "Betsy made the decision to not kill the Shadow King, and I think that's the end of her arc. She had plenty of reasons to want to kill the Shadow King, but she didn't. She found a way to capture him and deal with him. She really came full circle and in my mind, she's done with murder. That's the end of that arc for her. She's learned that lesson."

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FSaker said...

Technically, I think what she did to Shadow King was actually more cruel than if she had just killed him. But I understand Remender's point.

So the evil Fantomex will be called Jean-Phillipe? I guess the good Fantomex will have to choose another civil name for himself...