Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comic Book Road Show Talks To Sam Humphries

Comic Book Road Show has interviewed Sam Humphries to talk about his current run Marvels the Ultimates and the upcoming Marvel Now comic Uncanny X-Force. Click on the link to listen to the whole interview. Sam talks a lot about X-Force, Storm, Puck, Spiral and Bishop as well. Here's what the said about Psylocke:

Sam Humphries: "I love Betsy. The book came with Betsy, and that’s how I wanted it. She’s one of my favorite X-Men characters because she’s a survivor. Not only is that a character attribute for her as a fictional character, but her character as part of the Marvel universe has also been a survivor. She’s been through so many changes, transformations, evolutions, different visions, yet this is a character who’s about to be the center of a Marvel NOW book. She is still up there as one of the biggest mutants in the Marvel universe and that speaks a lot about the character and what people love about her. There’s a danger because she almost turned into a joke of a 90’s character. There was a risk there, but she’s someone I really enjoy writing and she is really the center of this book. Something happens in between Rick’s last issue and my first issue to Betsy that kicks everything in motion. What that is I can’t say, but it’s going to set Betsy into a new direction personally that we haven’t seen before."

Regarding Psylocke's relationship with Storm, Sam hints that Storm will find out about Psylocke's actions in Remender's X-Force such as killing her brother Jamie. He adds that "they’re really going to bond because they’re both going through transforming periods in their lives."


Brian said...

Yes, please!

FSaker said...

Nice! He could also mention that Psylocke debuted as Captain Britain's sister, a minor character, and nowadays she's much more recognized than her brother.

I'm not managing to listen to the interview... did Humphries say anything about some readers suspecting that this UXF Storm is actually Greg Pak's alternate Storm instead of Earth-616 Storm?

Ben said...

Uh, did anyone ever suggest it? I've never heard of this Alt Storm theory before. Anyways, he talks about Storm being dumped by Black Panther, her reltionship with Betsy and how the Mohawk will appear in every book once UXF starts, so yeah,this is 616-Storm alright.

Antone Poitier said...

Interesting about this bond between Betsy and Ororo. Back then, Storm and Jean was like sisters to each other. I really hope they give us a slightest pick up about the future relationship with Betsy and Logan too.... maybe I'm the one who think these two would be great for each other.

climbs4kicks said...