Friday, October 12, 2012

X-Men #37 Spoilers

Spoilers: Sheperd is being pursued by two air force planes. Pixie teleports him to Antarctica before he causes anymore trouble. Meanwhile, Storm contacts Cyclops and tells him they’re going back to Utopia, and Psylocke tries to locate Pixie, unsuccessfully. Pixie teleports Sheperd to a tropical island. He tells her he enjoyed living a normal life, pretending to be a regular guy and not being a target. Pixie says he’ll get used to it when he finds people who accept him no matter what. Back to the x-jet, Storm calls Dr. Hunter and orders her to destroy the proto-mutant’s sample, and all her records and paperwork about it. Ororo then talks to Colossus, who was severely injured. Piotr is upset with the way she’s been handling things and behaving and that he’s done with her. They start arguing, and the heated debate leads to a physical brawl, which ends with Storm hitting Colossus with lightning. Shepherd asks Pixie not to let anyone else use his people ever again, and with that he says goodbye and disappears. Psylocke tracks Pixie, but Megan heads to where Dr. Gray found the proto-mutants to have a moment for herself.


Enny Giwa said...

*sniff* Such a damn shame that this was the last issue. I loved every page. One of the greatest X-Runs in history.

FSaker said...

It is a great run, indeed. The good news is that apparently Wood will get a new X-book in the Marvel NOW era (some people believe that his new book will focus on Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, Danger and Magik).

Speaking of good news, Psylocke is officially confirmed in the next batch of characters for Marvel: Avengers Alliance (for those who never heard about it, it's a very addictive RPG game launched as a Facebook app)! YAY!!!

Enny Giwa said...

Wood's getting a new X-Book come Marvel NOW! ? I mean, i know there's an X-Book yet to be announced, but i had no idea that Wood'd be writing it. He's got quite a lot on his plate as is. I don't think that's much as i wish it was.