Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'Uncanny X-Force' #1 Cover By Olivier Coipel

Uncanny X-Force #1 by Olivier Coipel
Yes! How much do you love Pylocke's new uniform? January can't come sooner!


FSaker said...

WOW. Just... WOW!!

Her new uniform is BRILLIANT!! And damn, Storm in leather and with her mohawk haircut (a.k.a. her best look EVER) once again!

I'm curious to find out who is this "Lady Fantomex"... and is Spiral wearing a bathing suit?

Well, anyway, this cover is amazing! Then again, could we expect anything less from this incredibly talented artist known as Olivier Coipel?

QKC said...

This. Is. Everything right now!!!!
FINALLY she gets a new costume (& hoping she's drawn in something other than the Hand "uniform" when/if she appears in other titles.) It looks amazing & seeing Storm BACK to this is FANTASTIC!
This can't come soon enough!!
I think Spiral is in a swimsuit just cos, they're covering Betsy up, & maybe Marvel has to show some skin on a female for some stupid reason?
It makes more sense for Spiral to show skin though, anyway, rather than Betsy.

Let's have a NYC release party haha

QKC said...

I didn't mean to say Storm is "back" to this. It's a reinvention &, while similar to her mohawk look of the late 80s, this is definitely very now & very future, very strong & new for her. Back to who she is, in a way.

kaioni said...

a little too Tron, a little too late. The basic design is awesome but the lights are very tron. Maybe its just dramatic effect, so itll be fine. really excited for this!

Alexander said...

Okay, I'm not going to lie. I fanboy squeed when I saw this. I thought I was the only person who liked Storms' mohawk. I just wonder is it the mohawk or more of the thing where a lot of girls shave a side of their head.

- YOGUR - said...

Uups... Dazzler?


Rogue said...

I love this!!! Like Alexander I fanboy squeed upon gazing my eyes on this beauty!!! Love Betts' new look, love Storm's return to mohawk, Spiral looks hella cool in this cover... Lady Fantomex has me intrigued and Puck looks AWESOME!!! Love EVERYTHING about this cover!!!

Lucas said...

How about this freaking new uniforms? Storm looks FANTASTIC and our Betsy all covered up looks even more sexy in this dark leather/latex. Spiral looks awesome too and I'm looking forward to see her interactions with Betsy. Any guess on who is this Lady Fantomex? It's nice to see that here we have the opposite of other regular groups where there's one lady on the male group, here we have one dude in the middle of the all female group.

January must come fast!

Adrian Sandoval said...

Awesome cover!!! :-)

Psylocke: I'm so so glad they gave her a proper costume. Glad to see her in a more modest look, her British body would be proud.
Storm: Love her new costume, but not sure about the hair cut. Guess she needed a "break over" after splitting with her hubby.
Spiral: Looks super creepy... Can't wait to see her interactions with the rest of the team! :-)
Lady Fantomex: I'm definitely not feeling this character... I'm just like "why?" The team could have used another male.
Puck: Um... Well, he's there! I'm will to give him a chance though :-)

Anonymous said...

Where is this from?!??

FSaker said...

You know, some people are wondering if the Storm in this team is the actual 616-Storm or the one from Greg Pak's alternate reality (from his Astonishing X-Men run). And her clothes DO look like Pak-Storm's.

Would you guys be upset if this turns out to be Pak-Storm instead of 616-Storm? I must confess that I know almost nothing about her, but if her personality is anything like Ororo used to be during the Mutant Massacre/Outback X-Men era, I'll be happy regardless of which Ororo is this!

Anonymous said...

Yes people are saying that but I also remember Humphries saying that Storm an Psylocke have grown close because of AVX.....or something like that. So I don't think it's an Alt-Storm

Alexander said...

I think it's 616 Storm. I figure with the fallout of AvX, not to mention her marriage falling apart that she feels the need for a change to her style. I've just noticed Betsy's pose & style remind me of one of the old Jim Lee renditions of her. You know, just sands the thong.

JL81790 said...

I think Lady Fantomex is another main X-character who doesn't want the outside world to see their participation in the team...possibly Kitty. I can see a situation where she wants to help Storm out but can't risk what it would do to the school. Now she has a full body suit and telepathy blocking headgear so no one can tell it's her.

I also don't think it's a weird resurrected Fantomex/EVA because other books (Cap and I think Uncanny Avengers) are said to be dealing with a lot of the themes that are Fantomex related (Dr. Mindbubble and Weapons Plus). It wouldn't make sense for the character to be resurrected only to ignore his relationship with these stories.

Nic said...

- YOGUR - as much as I would love it to be Dazzler, I don't think that is it! hahaha

It is most likely just Eva in the costume. I don't think any other character would wear it... unless they reveal some other Weapon number-whatever person. Either way, I can't wait to read this!

psy blast said...

you beat me to it NICE.....I think your right I remember in # 27/28 eva said this was her second stage or somethibg....this might be the third stage

Miss_Braddock said...

Cool cover reminds me of Marc Silvestri/Jim Lee late eighties my favourite X-men era!

Hmm very interested but agree they could use another bloke on the team.

Australian Outback said...

OMG that is totally Dazzler in the version YOGUR posted. Australian Outback team is my truly my heart's desire. If Puck is on the team, is there any chance his friend Northstar would be coming on board?

Australian Outback said...

The reason why I think it's Dazzler is:

1. The costume looks kind of like her stunning Age of X costume (with the choker, and discoball armor armbands) and her 70s disco outfit.

2. The glowy thing on the end of her finger looks like her power signature circa the Claremont/Silvestri days when she used to make a laser beam.

3. Long blonde hair (now swept back in a ponytail.)

If it's her? This would be wicked a cool 'oldschool meets the future' style. Also, the dynamic with Spiral would get ever more interesting, considering the nasty spell Spiral cast on her face in the Fall of the Mutants issues (which was the BEST). It was pretty wicked looking: she blinded Dazzler with Destiny's Mask affixed onto her head with a knife.

Anyways, I think I'm getting ahead of myself and gushing.

Is it too much to ask for it to be her, and add in her best bud Northstar in the mix, even though he's in Ashtonishing? :)

By the way, I also think EVA looks totally awesome, and it makes sense that she evolves into that awesome 'homage to Fantomex' look, but now all grown up and literally independent.

(listen to me gush)

Australian Outback said...

Oh - also, there's an eye makeup thingie on her eye. Dazzler had a variation of that in Age of X, and a variation when Jim Lee drew her.

Is it me, or does it look like someone different than Mr. Coipel drew her in though?

What is wrong with me! I should be sleeping, argh. Kay, whatever. How are they going to get to these 'dark corners' of the Marvel Universe? Lila Cheney gonna bring em around sometimes? Huh? Huh?


Anonymous said...

Ok, the dazzler picture is photoshopped. Someone from tumblr added her in there.

climbs4kicks said...

EVA is awesome!!! Psylocke & Storm on the same team. We get ot learn about characters that aren't used much (Puck & Spiral). SO. EXCITED!!

Australian Outback said...

Damn, lol! They got me, I was fooled. I thought the drawing looked non Coipelesque.

The thing is, aside from her short pants, I like that costume better than her existing one (referring to the one where the sun is rising out of her vagina). What an awkward looking costume with boring colors.