Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Q&A: Kieron Gillen

Marvel.com: We checked in with Gillen about what’s ahead for the Children of the Atom as the war comes to Utopia, how Spider-Man will face a Juggernaut like never before in AVX: VS, plus much more.

Marvel.com: Now, which Uncanny X-Men characters will benefit most from the event, in a sense of growth as fictional characters, not necessarily in their "lives"?

Kieron Gillen:
I've said before, I've been building towards AvX. It's meaningful for all my key cast. The big people to watch? Scott, Namor, Hope, Emma, Piotr, Illyana and Danger. My other three—Storm, Magneto and Psylocke—have important roles too, but perhaps not on the same level of redefining them. They're actually more the people who are a half-step back from the chaos, and as such are about giving perspective on everything. “Benefit” is an interesting word, though. I'm not sure it's the word I'd use. It's going to be very hard on all of them.

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Kike Galván said...

sustituta mis pelotas, tiene más carrera como X-Man que la puta Emma, pobres imbeciles que se dejan llevar más por las pelotas de Emma, que el valor de Betsy!