Thursday, April 12, 2012

Deadpool #53 Spoilers

Spoilers from X-Man's Comic Blog: We find out that Tombstone actually did give Hydra Bob the serum that would negate Deadpool's healing factor, with the deal being that Bob would alert Tombstone that Pool was vulnerable so Tombstone could kill Pool off. Pool is delighted by this turn of events and thanks Bob before teleporting away. Pool heads to X-Force and basically taunts them all for being suckers and doing his bidding. That pisses them off, which is exactly what Pool wanted, so he leaves before Wolvie can gut him. Pool teleports back to Bob to gloat that X-Force would make sure to kill him, but Bob rants at Pool, telling him that the deal Bob made was that in exchange for the serum, Tombstone had to kill Deadpool, nobody else... And if somebody else killed Pool? You know Tombstone would be taking it out on Bob... Bob goes on to explain that he had hoped that injecting Pool with the serum would make Pool realize how valuable life was, forcing Pool to forget his death wish... So now Pool is faced with the realization that if he dies, Bob, his only true friend, would die a brutal death at the hands of an angry Tombstone. As for X-Force? This issue ends with Wolverine declaring that they would be killing Deadpool for all of the crap he put the team through.

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