Friday, March 9, 2012

X-Men #26 Spoilers

Spoilers: As the hordes of killers storm the island's beaches coming after Raizo's head, Domino convinces Deadpool to fight them, promising Wade she'll go on a date with him. Raizo sends some of the Forgiven to deal with the killers. Storm sends Colossus and Warpath to help them. The battle commences quickly, switching back and forth between the command center and the field, as familiar faces (Lady Bullseye, the Bruiser, Black Axe, Scorpion, etc.) crack skulls with vampires and the X-Men. Storm wants to take Jubilee and leave, but Jubes convinces her to help the Forgiven. At the Command Center, Psylocke is taken out by a psionic white noise generator, while Storm and the vampires are gassed by Lord Deathstrike, leaving everything in jeopardy and Raizo himself nearly fatally staked. Only Jubilee is left standing to face Lord Deathstrike.

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