Thursday, March 22, 2012

Deadpool #52 Spoilers

Spoilers from X-Man's Comic Blog: Kingpin captures Hydra Bob, since Kingpin figured Bob knew more than he was letting on. Deadpool uses Bob's capture as an excuse to get X-Force to attack Kingpin's headquarters, which leads to a lot of ninjas being eviscerated by Wolverine and his teammates. With Logan slowly becoming wise to the fact that there was more going on here than meets the eye, Deadpool betrays his X-Force teammates and chases Kingpin to the roof. Before anything can go down between Kingpin and Deadpool, X-Force and Hydra Bob manage to reach the rooftop. Deadpool decides to toss some grenades at X-Force to get them out of his hair, but Fantomex shoots the grenades back at him, destroying Kingpin's getaway helicopter. Kingpin leaps off the roof and escapes via a parachute, while Daken shoots Wolverine in the back from a nearby building with what Deadpool presumed was the serum that would rob Deadpool of his healing factor and finally allow him to die. Wade moves to teleport to Daken to get the serum, but before he can, Bob grabs Deadpool and stabs him in the chest with what appears to be the real serum.

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Doctor Deadpool said...

Daniel Way is really briging his A-Game.