Friday, April 15, 2011

X-Men Legacy #247 Spoilers

Spoilers: Gambit and Rogue confront "X", who's actually Moira MacTaggart. The showdown between the Force Warriors and Moonstar's Cadre never comes to pass, as Professor X uses his powers to sway Legion, and then leaves with his son to go and inform the entire population of Fortress X, face to face, with what's happening. Charles explains that Moira isn't Moira. The process of erasing personas inside Legion by Dr. Nemesis did not go as planned. Xavier realized there would be a side-effect. While studying inside Legion's mind, he discovered what that was. Some of the isolated personalities were "killed" and left behind "remains", which apparently created a whole new personality, "X", which is like the antibody response to what was being done to Legion's mind, and it began to "eat" personalities, to gain their strength. Xavier was going to take it on in psychic combat on the Psychic Plane, but X pulled something from Legion's mind that it knew Xavier wouldn't just attack: the image of Moira. X then managed to knock out Xavier and create the pocket reality that is "Age of X". But upon the truth being revealed, X has decided to refocus its efforts on an Exonim Sentinel attack, creating the enemy forces right inside Fortress X, on the mutants' side of the realm.

Notes: Psylocke only does stuff in what we see in the preview.

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