Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #7 Advance Preview


QKC said...

I don't understand what is going on but the art is gorgeous. Someone can actually draw Psylocke in that costume without turning her into an objectified thigh queen more than the costume already does. This issue looks really sci fi & fun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I love the way her body is drawn here. It has nicely balanced proportions, instead of overly thick thighs and a too huge ass.

I also really love the color schemes in these images.

FSaker said...

So the UXF will have to fight Deathlok-UXF?? Cool!

Psylocke vs. Deathlok-Psylocke will be epic! Even more if Deathlok-Elektra appears along the way (I don't remember if Fantomex killed her in the previous issue or not...).