Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Pack Returns

GameFocus: Long story short: Activision did not had a full-time license for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise, meaning that when the license expired, the DLC pack featuring five new characters - Psylocke, Carnage, Black Panther, Magneto and Cable - was removed from both PSN and Xbox Live last December, leaving late adopters with no access to the promised content.

After lots of hate mail and unnecessary comments, HeroHQ confirms the return of the DLC pack:

"We made our case (your fan support helped), begged, pleaded, cajoled and didn’t give up and were able to convince the ‘powers that be’ to bring MUA2 DLC back!! This is really happening.

In terms of timing, now that it’s been approved, we need to coordinate to get this back up on Xbox Live and PSN. As soon as I know definite timing, I will let you know.

And this is important – I want to make sure this is super clear from the beginning – all good things must come to an end and we are only allowed to have the MUA2 DLC back up through the end of 2010. So there will be about a 6 month window to download the content again, and then it will be gone for good. It’s not a strategy and not our choice, this is just what is allowed so I’m giving you all the advance notice I can."


Anonymous said...

Don't forget!
Kalina from HeroHQ also stated that a 'New X-Men RPG' is in the works.

Go, Psylocke!

centurion said...

This could always be included in a "Gold" edition of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. The fact that this is being re-released seems to suggest how popular the DLC characters are, Psylocke among them. I really hope Betsy makes Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Anonymous said...

HOW LAME they could just release the future copies of the game WITH the so-called 'DLC characters' intact

why even say limited time when it is a matter of a download to have it forever? the lamest 'news' i have heard.

that means i have to get someone with a MC to save it before 2010 is over

sublimeclown said...

At least I get to download Psylocke! I was so angry that it was taken down literally days before I got the game!

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to hear this! I didn't buy MUA2 because I missed the DLC the first time around! I can't wait!

And this move isn't "lame" at all. What if I had bought MUA2 already and Activision never released the DLC again.. but did release a Gold edition. That would suck for me because I would have to buy the game AGAIN if I wanted the DLC pack.

So it's only fair to the people that already purchased the game and weren't allowed to DL the characters the first time around.

Anonymous said...

Excellent business stratagem, its like that episode of south park when Cartman gets the theme park.

I bought the pack 1 day before the pack went down last time, if it had gone down before i got Psylocke I would have been furious she was the only reason I bought the game.

Wonder if they will upload the missing stuff from MUA1, somehow i doubt it.

K. Lee said...

missed it the first time, so this is great news!

FSaker said...

It's a shame that it will only be available until the end of 2010, but it's surely better than nothing! Let's hope that many people enjoy this opportunity!

And a new X-Men RPG?? Really?? Awesome!

I wonder what will be the inspiration this time. I think the Messiah trilogy particularly has an amazing potential for a huge RPG game or at least one RPG game for Messiah CompleX and one RPG game for Second Coming (Messiah War, if alone, would fit better as a God of War-type of game).

Anonymous said...

i downloaded the pack when it first came out. honestly not worth it. her powers are not very good. jean is far superior and i used her way more. psylocke was an inconvenient character to play and the other three characters in the pack don't appeal to me. and that dragon costume is so stupid it just emphasizes her "dragon lady" racist asian stereotype. not all asian characters need to wear dragons especially ones that aren't even really asian.

Anonymous said...

so is it correct that the DLC psylocke only has three moves when the ps2 version had 6???

that is CRAZY!

Alan said...

I got the pack on my first try and i LOVED it.

and if i hadn't gotten the pack, I could see myself being very upset and left out of all the fun.

True Psylocke fans will love her even if she did happen to suck -- but in my opinion, she's one of the most lethal characters in the game, definitely a "finishing" type of character and great at disposing enemies!

Anonymous said...

Apparently she's fragile, but versatile and her Katana slash move is very powerful.

Anonymous said...

Your so wrong, if you fully level her katana and make sure to give her high critical hit on her attacks she destroys bosses on her own. Her and Jean both have boosted fusion boosts meaning that their fusion can annihilate a boss in seconds. The only time she struggles is with large groups where you will need an energy blaster (Jean) as she doesnt really have any amazing get the hell off me type moves.