Monday, November 16, 2009

X-Force #21 Spoilers

Spoilers: Vanisher returns to the X-Men, just in time to be caught in the assault of Selene's zombies. Several once-dead mutants show up in Utopia and attack the X-Men and the students. Angel and Warpath deal with Pyro and others while Hrimhari gets Wolfsbane inside the base. In Genosha, Eli Bard senses Cypher isn't under his control anymore, much to Selene's dismay. The Black Queen then orders the Hellions to retrieve Cypher. Banshee arrives at the scene and attacks Cyclops and the others. Sean breaks off after a brief moment of lucidity and Scott orders the Cuckoos to find Selene. Warpath gets knocked into Blindfold’s room and she tells him she has a message for Cyclops. Risque shows up and is forced to attack him. Archangel finds out that the Techno-Organic mutants can repair themselves, and Danger saves Empath and Shaw from Leland and Shinobi. Back on Genosha, Bard starts to raise all the dead mutants. His activity is detected by Bastion and the Cuckoos. The resurrections are soon in the millions.

Notes: Sorry for the delay. I was really lazy this week. Psylocke only shows up on the panel we've seen in the preview.

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