Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Exiles #16 Spoilers

Spoilers: Cat and Mystiq merge bodies to take on Madame Hydra. Meanwhile Lilandra proves herself to be a better fighter than Morph. Nerimani comes to rescue him and fight her sister. Not so far away Rogue surprises Samantha Summers from the Death Commandos and kill her. Rogue reveals to Colyn (a Son of Iron Saurion) that her hands absorb other's abilities and memories, bits of their souls, a portion of it stays with her forever. Colyn offers Rogue his armor to protect her and they flirt. Nerimani passes out, so Gambit takes on Lilandra. Cat leaves Mystiq's body and phases trough Madame Hydra removing her main artery and killing her.

Note: No Psylocke in this issue, so no scans.

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