Friday, December 5, 2008

New Exiles #15 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: The Shi'ar Death Commandos blows up the Daughters of the Dragon and Sons of Iron building and the Exiles try to save as many people as they can. After a while the Death Commandos members face the Exiles. Black Cloak tries to penetrate Psylocke's mind but her psychic shields given to her by Jamie Braddock block the attack. Lilandra arrives to the battle scene searching for her sister Nerimani and swears no one is going anywhere, except to their graves. That's when Madame Hydra (Sue Storm from previous arcs) enters. She has an agreement with Lilandra and wants to get revenge on Cat for killing her lover Wolverine.


Anonymous said...

great!i can't wait to see other images of the match!

Anonymous said...

that was actually the only page featuring psylocke xD