Thursday, October 4, 2018

What If? X-Men #1 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: In the early 21st, an interconnected neural network was developed, allowing mental communication between bio-modified users in a "cyberspace." Eventually some users, possessing special genetics dubbed the .EXE/gene, discovered they could break protocols preventing user modifications and brain death at will, which made them targets of the government. After foiling Magneto's plans to turn all BASES into .EXES, Xavier decides it's time to stop running and hiding and gathers a team of technology-evolved .EXEs, including an alternate Psylocke.


Tazirai said...

Psylocke in this alternate universe is pretty tiny... and Domino is gigantic. Should be the opposite, But I'll give it the AU Pass.

FSaker said...

Well, Rogue is bigger (and buffer) than both of them combined in this universe, it seems.

And is that Beast behind Cable? In fact, does this story even have an explanation for Cable existing - like, is he also a time-traveller in this universe?

CmX said...

I low key like Cyclops (except for that wire sticking out) and Jubilee's designs here.