Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Marvel Teases Classified 'X-Men' Comic

X Classified #1
Classified (W) • Classified (A)
Cover by: Classified
Variant A Cover by: J Scott Campbell
Virgin Variant A Cover by: J Scott Campbell
Variant B Cover by: J Scott Campbell
Virgin Variant B Cover by: J Scott Campbell
Variant Cover by: Skottie Young
On Sale: 07/25/18

CBR: As Marvel’s “Fresh Start” initiative rolls into the summer, the publisher is teasing a classified X-Men comic for July. There is no creative team and title attached to the project, but it does have the ominous title of X Classified #1, variant covers by J. Scott Campbell and Skottie Young, and a release date of July 25.

For Marvel to keep any and all information regarding this X-Men comic a secret must mean it will have a tremendous impact on the X-franchise. It’s also not clear if X Classified will be a new ongoing series, miniseries or event, and if this encompasses the entire X-Men line of comics or individual titles.

However, earlier this month Marvel released cover art for Extermination, a new comic debuting in August 2018 from the creative team of writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz, with covers by Mark Brooks. While the teaser doesn’t include any story details, Brooks’ artwork shows the classic X-Men team apparently re-merging with their time-displaced X-Men Blue counterparts.

Another possibility is this comic could spin out of The Hunt for Wolverine. An infographic for the event ended with a mysterious classified image, which could be alluding to a new ongoing series for the resurrected Wolverine.


Anonymous said...

This is probably where Betsy & Bishop will end up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Psylocke will be the death they mention in the solicit, but it will be a fake out and she'll end up in whatever Classified is with people from the other three books.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

So is Emma a full-fledged X-Men antagonist again? And is Lorna a full-fledged X-Man again? And is Lorna currently sane???

Anonymous said...


RIght now Emma is a villain, even though I'm suspecting they'll depict it as a more morally grey thing since she's been cast out by the X-men. Lorna fought off Ultimate-verse Malice so she's back to normal. Even though she did heavy damage while under her control. She's leading the blue team. I'd love for her to stay sane.
Thankfully the Malice possession run was short. It's cool when comics tackle mental health issues but it feels like it's such a crutch for writers to do the crazy Lorna bit.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Thanks. That was why I deliberately said antagonist versus villain. I haven’t been reading Blue or Gold, and would hate to see Emma go back to a villain after all her development. I’m fine with her being an antagonist though especially if we can empathize with her views.

FSaker said...

I haven't been following Blue and Gold either, but it seems Emma is indeed a "gray" character rather than evil. She's kinda in the same situation than Magneto is nowadays (only in opposite sides), it seems.

As for Psylocke's fate, I'm not worried. I used to speculate a lot about her dying when she was brought back to the main universe, but now I feel she has established herself as an important character in the X-books - plus, it looks like more than one writer likes her enough to make sure that she will be available for their books whenever they feel like adding her to them. So, she may even stay in editorial limbo or as a minor/guest character for some months, but I don't see her being killed anytime soon.

FSaker said...

By the way, I confess I haven't been following Marvel's news recently, so I'm only finding out now that the Mystery in Madripoor miniseries is part of a larger event. X-Women, New Avengers, Daredevil... wow. And a solicitation mentions Daken, Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth hunting Wolverine to kill him - but isn't Sabretooth a nice guy, now?

Oh well, it's not like I'd read the other three miniseries, anyway...