Monday, April 9, 2018

Kelly Thompson Tumblr Q&A

Q: Are you writing a bachelorette party for Kitty [in X-Men: Wedding Special]?

Kelly Thompson: Yeah! Looks like a more detailed solicit went out. And I did indeed get to pen Kitty’s Bachelorette Party. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Q: How many X-Women roughly are at Kitty's bachelorette party?

Thompson: Quite a few. But off the top of my head those with speaking roles are…Kitty (obvs), Storm, Rogue, Stevie Hunter, Psylocke, Rachel, Meggan, and Illyana? I might have missed some! Or left some out on purpose. ;D


Tazirai said...

She can be at Kitty's Bachelor party but can't meet her own niece?

Anonymous said...

Maybe her and Brian have some bad blood. If I'm correct they didn't part on the best terms last time they interacted. But I do agree that it was weird that she was never acknowledged in that issue when Excalibur/x-men gold team went to meet Captain Britain and Meggan's new born daughter

Adam said...

Lol no one wanted to meet that shitty niece. And she'll hopefully never be seen again.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Adam, lmao at “that shitty niece.” Also, we know Psylocke would prefer to either be fighting or dropping it like it’s hot and chances are she’d not have an opportunity to do either during a baby visit.

Finn said...

Betsy would have loved to meet her niece, bad writting happens..

FSaker said...

Yeah, she should have met her niece by now. Maybe she still will, after a while. Or maybe (and quite likely, in fact) there will be a quote during a story mentioning she did visit Brian and met her niece off-panel between issues. And maybe Meggan will take her daughter to the bachelorette party (inappropriate? Definitely, but we're talking about Meggan here).

Anyway, am I the only one surprised someone at Marvel remembered that Stevie Hunter still exists? I love her! Hopefully she can appear more often in the X-books