Monday, March 26, 2018

Jim Zub Tumblr Q&A

Q: Does Magneto appearing in 'Mystery in Madripoor' mean we'll finally see Erik and Betsy talking about what happened last time they met?

Jim Zub: Yes, but it won’t go the way you expect… :)

Q: Who are the Femme Fatales mentioned in the 'Madripoor' solicits? The villains? A new group? An existing one?

Zub: The original Femme Fatales are a super villain team from the 90′s created by  Erik Larsen and David Michelinie who first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #340. The new ones showing up in Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor? Read on and you’ll find out. :)

Q: Could you talk a bit about your choices for the roster of X-Women you will be writing in 'Mystery in Madripoor'?

Zub: Each of the X-Men on this mission has close ties to Logan. He’s changed their lives, saved them, loved them, fought them. Their friendship and love for Logan is a bond they share, so when clues about [REDACTED - Read Hunt for Wolverine: Alpha] lead to Madripoor, Kitty brings them together to get to the bottom of it.

Q: Will Rogue and Logan have a heartfelt moment in 'Mystery in Madripoor'?

Zub: I can’t guarantee a heartfelt moment, but there is a big emotional beat for Rogue in the first issue that will have readers talking. :)

Q: Will the events of Rogue & Gambit affect/have any relation to 'Mystery in Madripoor'?

Zub: There will be some mention of it, but it doesn’t tie heavily into the plot. Rogue is on her own adventure here with other X-Men teammates and Gambit is doing his own thing with the X-Men: Red crew right now.

Q: Does Jubilee's experiences in Generation X influence how you will write her character in 'Hunt for Wolverine: Madripoor'?

Zub: I’m definitely going to make sure she’s “current” in Mystery In Madripoor and reflect where she’s at right now post-Generation-X, but current troubles the team finds themselves in while visiting Madripoor will be taking center stage for this story.

Q: Any chance Jubilee puts her kid up for adoption? I don't think anybody likes the teen mom angle.

Zub: 'Mystery In Madripoor' does include Jubilee, but her kid is not involved in the story since it’s only 4 issues and have a lot of other things to delve into. I don’t know where Jubilee will land after this mini, so you’ll have to check in with that writer once it’s announced.

Q: Did you consider adding Jean Grey to 'Mystery in Madripoor'?

Zub: I knew she’d be quite busy in X-Men: Red, so it never came up in conversation. Jean’s a wonderful character and I’d love to write her but, considering the incredible team I already have in 'Mystery In Madripoor', I can’t complain.

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