Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Astonishing X-Men #5 Spoilers

Astral Plane: Rogue asks why Xavier couldn’t save Gambit, to which he replies he didn’t save him so instead he would save the rest of them. Xavier explains he’s maintaining false realities for the three of them to fool the Shadow King into thinking they are still trapped. He explains that the very nature of the Astral Plane allows him to do different things at once such as engaging in a battle with Logan and having a private talk with Fantomex without Rogue and Mystique knowing. Xavier says he had to let Gambit go to shift Farouk’s focus; Remy’s and Logan’s minds are trapped in the Astral Plane while their bodies are possessed in the real world. Xavier explains that when he died, Farouk collected his spirit and brought him to the Astral Plane. After that, they battled each other for what it seemed like a thousand years, long enough for Xavier to create a plan to beat him. The Professor creates psychic armors for Rogue, Mystique and Fantomex and urges them to fight as time runs short

Xavier’s Private Talk with Fantomex: Xavier says he thinks of Fantomex as an ally, but Jean-Phillipe insists he only does what is convenient for him. Xavier thinks people can change. Fantomex has tried, but he always snaps back to the default setting. Xavier says he can find a new path and that change is hard, but on the Astral Plane, they have all the time in the world.

London: Gambit wakes up, charges the entire rooftop and jump into the military helicopter. The Shard explodes, and Betsy uses a telekinetic bubble to protect herself, the soldiers and the X-Men’ bodies, leading everyone to the next rooftop. She gets upset with the military and destroys their weapons. Gambit orders the pilot to land on the streets. While Bishop is looking for Logan, Gambit touches and infects him. Warren flies above them and runs off. Gambit meets Logan, and together, they order the people of London to infect others. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense decides to sterilize London. Warren tells Betsy about the possession spreading by touch. Psylocke urges him to stop Logan and Gambit and tells him he knows exactly how. Warren is reluctant to set Archangel free, but Psylocke says she can help lock him away just like they did once before. Warren agrees; if Betsy saves him, he will save the rest.


Finn said...

OMG this doesn't sound good at all D:

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Finn, are you reading Saga by Image. It's my everything right now. I'm pretty done with X-Men sadly after 30 years of loyal reading. I love Bets so I still check in here.

If you don't read Saga, I highly recommend:

Image and Vertigo have some great titles.