Tuesday, April 18, 2017

X-Solicits for July 2017

Astonishing X-Men #1
Charles Soule (W) • Jim Cheung (A/C)
Variant Cover by: Artgerm
Variant Cover by: John Cassaday
Character Variant Cover by: Terry Dodson
Villain Variant Cover by: Dale Keown
Remastered Variant Cover by: Jim Lee
Action Figure Variant Cover by: John Tyler Christopher
ONLY THE X-MEN CAN SAVE US! An ancient evil is attacking the world’s most powerful minds. It will have them by: the time you finish this sentence, and a moment later, it will have us all. A band of X-MEN discovers the truth behind the threat, but there is no time left. PSYLOCKE, OLD MAN LOGAN, BISHOP, ARCHANGEL, FANTOMEX, ROGUE and GAMBIT will attempt to save a world that hates and fears them. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE X-MEN. From blockbuster writer CHARLES SOULE and joined by: a roster of superstar artists beginning with JIM CHEUNG. ASTONISHING X-MEN. It’s the X-book you need.

X-Men Blue #7
Cullen Bunn (W) • Cory T. Smith (A)
Cover by: Arthur Adams
Variant Cover by: David Lopez
X-Men Trading Card Variant Cover by: Jim Lee
Secret Empire Tie-In!
How will our intrepid heroes react to this new world order? Will MARVEL GIRL, CYCLOPS, ANGEL, ICEMAN and BEAST be overwhelmed by: HYDRA? I really hope not!

X-Men Blue #8
Cullen Bunn (W) • Cory T. Smith (A)
Cover by: Arthur Adams
Secret Empire Tie-In!
EMMA FROST! She’s back…and badder than ever.

X-Men Gold #7
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Ken Lashley (A/C)
X-Men Trading Card Variant Cover by: Jim Lee
Secret Empire Tie-In!
When Manhattan is besieged, the X-Men open their doors and repurpose their school as a safe haven for any human or mutant in need of sanctuary. But little do they know that one of the humans they’ve welcomed in is the all-new X-CUTIONER! And he’s about to make the Xavier Institute the last place mutants want to be…

X-Men Gold #8
Marc Guggenheim (W) • Ken Lashley (A)
Cover by: Ardian Syaf
Secret Empire Tie-In!
The Xavier Institute is on lockdown. But the X-Men haven’t succeeded in keeping danger out. Instead, they’ve just locked themselves inside with it. Can the X-Men stop the all-new X-CUTIONER before he claims any more of their number?


Leo Polonia said...

Am I the only one who thinks Fantomex is beeing overexposed?

Brian said...

No, I feel the same way. He's approaching "90s Gambit" level overexposure, and it's boring AF, frankly.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

I miss Cluster. We need more girl on girl action in the books.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

That was a joke. I hate Cluster and the two other Fantom incarnations to be honest. I only liked the character during Remender's run.

Finn said...

Please leave heel / villain Fantomex out of the x books until he is fixed , thank you.

Blu Berri said...

"From blockbuster writer CHARLES SOULE..."

Why do I feel like this is patronizing?

FSaker said...

Sorry, but I disagree with you guys. How is Fantomex overexposed? He's not appearing on multiple books, as far as I know. The only time when he was on multiple books was during Spurrier's X-Force, as a teacher in Wolverine and the X-Men (which I'm not even sure many people remember) and his MAX miniseries; other than that, he's been exposed as much as Rachel or Gambit - and let's face it, these two aren't exactly getting a lot of exposure in recent years.

You may dislike his character, and that's fine, but he's far from being overexposed. That's a term that fits better with Old Man Logan (X-Men Gold, Weapon X, Astonishing and solo book), teen Jean (X-Men Blue, solo book and who knows what else she'll get soon), Storm (X-Men Blue and Black Panther's team book), Deadpool (do I need to explain?), and so on.

I do think, however, that writers could try to use him and Psylocke in different team books, instead of having them constantly teaming up and fighting each other. But hey, Psylocke interacting with Fantomex is still better than no Psylocke in comic books at all (which we were all fearing that would happen to her after IvX, remember?).

47 said...

You are totally right. I think Im the only person in the world who loves fants. Maybe because of diabolik. But it's fine. Happy that we have gambit again. And really hope Betsy would be a key member in this roster.

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