Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Marvel Heroes: Psylocke Classic Costume Updated

Psylocke's Classic Ninja costume underwent a Visual Update in the Marvel Heroes 2016 game. The model now is closely similar to Jim Lee's version, sporting asymmetrical leg bands.


Tazirai said...

Still want her Armour they promised two years ago. Come on GAZ.

FSaker said...

Which armor? The Outback pink and purple one? The Lady Mandarin armor is shown in this video, so I guess you're not referring to it.

Anyway, IvX #5 was released today, and I read some comments from people that read it. No one mentioned Psylocke (that doesn't mean she doesn't appear in it, only that she doesn't do anything noteworthy in it, sadly) - so why am I mentioning it? Because Magneto's action in the end of this issue may be what triggers Betsy to attack him - and if that's the case, this fight may also be shown in the final issue of this miniseries (unless their fight actually happens AFTER IvX #6). And while I understand Magneto's reasons, Psylocke is definitely right to try to stop him.