Friday, December 23, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #16 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: The main cast of “Uncanny X-Men” all take the month off as the teen Jean Grey from “Extraordinary” makes a guest starring turn, along with the Stepford Cuckoos. The issue focuses on the Jean scene from “IvX” #1, focusing on Jean and the Cuckoos’ combined attempt to keep Karnak trapped in his own mind. Things have progressed from what we’ve seen before; Karnak is now running around in a mental prison set up by the telepaths to look like New Attilan. Psylocke doesn't appear in this issue, but is among the X-Men projected into Karkak's mind by the mutant telepaths.

Meanwhile, Fantomex struck a deal with one of Cuckoos, Irma, to allow him access to Karnak’s problem-solving skills. Irma would act as the bridge between Fantomex and Karnak, feeding altered analogues of the real problems Fantomex encounters in the World into Karnak’s vision. Then, as Karnak solves the similar problems in his trance, Fantomex knows what to do in the World. This side mission is of importance to Fantomex because he has been in control of the World for a while now, and members of the nefarious Someday Corporation infiltrated the World and stole parts of its tech. Fantomex uses Karnak’s abilities to make his way to where the Someday Corporation broke in. There, he finds the device they used to hack into the World’s systems — a slug-like device. He then places his psi-shielding plates back in his mask, locking Irma out of his mind. Panicked, Irma tells the others of her secret mission with Fantomex — and they aren’t too pleased. Fantomex continues on his quest, completely moving on from the matters of Inhumans and X-Men. “Let them have their war. I’m done with all that,” he says. Fantomex removed Someday’s influence from the World’s system — and filled the void with his own id, ego and super-ego. Calling it the “God-King Virus,” Fantomex prepares himself for a massive transformation — one that he says will render him unrecognizable. “I will become the world,” he says at the end of the issue, teasing a potentially major shift in who — and what — Fantomex is moving forward.


CmX said...

Loved the art in this issue. Reminded me a lot of Jerome Opena's style.

FSaker said...

Hm. I thought Fantomex only retained his ego (his id being now in Weapon XIII and his super-ego being in Cluster - I hope Bunn didn't forget that they exist). I wonder if the three of them will ever merge into a single body again (since Marvel's writers don't seem interested in using Weapon XIII or Cluster at all).

The art is beautiful, indeed.

CmX said...

It all happened off panel. Bunn addressed it during the Dark Angel arc. He mentioned to Psylocke that Magneto saved him and put him back together again.

FSaker said...

Ah, so this Fantomex is the full Fantomex? But, if that's the case, it's weird that he tried to kill Betsy, as he was truly in love with her before his brains were split into separate bodies... sure, she was on bad terms with two of these bodies (Weapon XIII and "nu-Fantomex"), but I'd expect Cluster's brain to keep him in love with her.

CmX said...
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CmX said...

Well, logic aside, it's clear theyre wanting to move far away from a romantic dynamic between these two characters.

Bunn already wrote on panel that Fantomex is whole again so it cant be denied. Frankly, I'm glad we dont have to go back to multiple Fantos.

FSaker said...

Yeah, me too. I like Fantomex, but one of him is enough.

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