Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #7 Spoilers

Spoilers: Six months ago Magneto, ready to give up on life and his mutant crusade, sees something crash land. Magneto discovers it's Archangel who takes it as a sign to continue fighting.

Present day, Green Ridge: Psylocke and Magneto look on as Nu-Warren gives a bizarre speech to his followers. We see that Warren's metal wings have been removed, and from his speech, he seemed to consider them an aberration of nature.

Back at the Morlock Tunnels, M asks why Callisto chose her of all the X-Men to meet with, Callisto mentions she will soon learn why. As they arrive, Callisto explains the Morlocks and some humans are united as the "New Morlocks" due to the Terrigen mists.

Back in Green Ridge, Warren recognizes Psylocke & Magneto and warmly greets them. Psylocke asks Warren if she may read his mind and she sees Warren being tortured as his wings are removed while hooded figures watch. Warren then says he must leave and rest as two men escort him away.

Psylocke and Magneto follow them down a trail and watch as they disappear into a vault, which Magneto rips open. The vault leads into a Clan Akkaba hideout and they quickly run into Genocide, son of Apocalypse, who vows to kill them both.

Morlock Tunnels, Callisto mentions a dozen Morlocks have become ill but it isn't M-Pox and M discovers they've been changed by her brother Empath and they're now under his influence as one strikes out at M.

In Green Ridge, Psylocke & Magneto fight off the Clan as Warren apologizes but says it must be this way for mutant survival. Magneto is angered and tries to kill Warren but Psylocke doesn't allow Magneto to harm him when Genocide hits them both with a blast of energy. Magneto remembers that Archangel, when found six months ago, also mentioned "mutant survival" and Magneto is unsure what exactly is going on. To be continued!

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