Monday, December 14, 2015

"Apocalypse Wars" Variant Covers by Ken Lashley

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FSaker said...

This art looked good uncolored and it's even better with colors! It also helps to identify Oya (she's the only weak spot in it: if it weren't for the colors, I wouldn't say that it's her at all).

Was this art made by Ken Lashley? If it was, we can tell that at least the art in the UXM tie-in in Apocalypse Wars will be great!

By the way, the solicitations for March were released today (, and I must admit that Land's cover looks really good. At first, it seems that Psylocke is about to be ambushed in it, but looking at her smile and remembering that she's a telepath, maybe she is aware of the enemies behind her and is ready to surprise them.