Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Secret Wars Journal #4 Art


Brian said...

Perfect portrayal. The quintessential badass. <3

@JJfroud said...

Great portrayal, especially for a story that was only a few pages long. Managed to capture Betsys action junkie side as well as reflect on all the atrocities that have befallen her

Eduardo said...

Excellent indeed!! It is great to see her having the
strenght to turn everything that happened to her into
energy to keep fighting for what is right.
Would have been nice if she had the surprise to rescue
some other X-Men close to her too.

Tazirai said...

I dont see action junkie at all in this. I see a combat capable badass who in this world, must have had some modifications to take on Sentinels like that. I see resolve, tactical proficiency, excellence in helping a friend, and a woman with deep determination and war weariness.
In other words, everything Psylocke used to be written as.

pound my cakes! said...

So fucking happy that her hair is correctly purple! But is she just a pure telepath or does she have some TK too, cause she was still able to fight vigorously after that lethal shot thrown at her.

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