Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wood & Aanka's "X-Men" Face Ghosts in New Story Arc

CBR: Monday's All-New Marvel Now teaser from Marvel Comics promised a "Resurrection" in February 2014 from writer Brian Wood and artist Kris Anka, and CBR News can exclusively reveal what project the image was promoting: A new three-issue story arc titled "Ghosts," starting in "X-Men" #10.NOW.

While it's not yet exactly clear what "Resurrection" has to do with the arc, it is known that the new Sisterhood -- introduced in "Muertas," the arc starting with this month's "X-Men" #7 -- are involved. While Lady Deathstrike's presence was revealed this past July at Comic-Con International, Typhoid Mary and Enchantress are both also part of the group -- neither mutants, nor characters typically associated with the X-books. The group doesn't start there, with an unnamed powerful villain -- "the most powerful of them all," according to Marvel -- sought out by the Sisterhood, described as "an enemy who holds the X-Men responsible for her almost-destruction." (The "Muertas" story arc, originally solicited six-issues, has been broken up into two three-parters -- "Muertas" and "Ghosts.")

Set your speculation accordingly, and keep reading CBR for more on All-New Marvel NOW!.


FSaker said...

So Rogue will also leave the X-Women, huh? That's sad... I guess that's why Wood brought Monet to the team, after all.

But this arc seems interesting. And Wood hinted that there may be more than one resurrection in this arc. Red Queen (a.k.a. Madelyne's evil persona, which Fraction separated from the real Madelyne's essence yet forgot to mention it in the actual Sisterhood arc)? Selene? Siena Blaze (lol, like that brat had a chance to escape editorial limbo)?

Anyway, I'm happy with Kris Anka drawing the Ghosts arc, and also with Rachel still being in the team. Many people feared that Rachel and Betsy would be redundant in the same team, but they turned out to be amazing as a telepathic duo.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Betsy and Rachel are indeed the dynamic duo with their psychic powers. Would you like any revisits to their respective time powers, Rachel's chronoskimming and Elizabeth's precognitive flashes? (The last flash Betsy had was during the Omega Red storyline way back in the first volume of adjectiveless in the 90s).

As for Fraction's omission about Madelyne... I absolutely loathed his run on Uncanny!! I've heard he's been good on other books, but I think I'm soured on him after that fiasco. Going back to Maddie... I was just telling someone the other day that she was at her best when she was powerless and was the Outback X-Men's cyberguru... before she was sacrificed to prop Jean and that dirtbag, lowlife Scott.

MellyMel said...

I thought Typhoid Mary WAS a mutant

Brian said...

She is.

Zephyrzon said...

I see M but who is the other woman? Is that Sabra?

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Melly and Brian,
Clearly there was no editorial staff to vet the info in this piece.

I think it's Karima. I read that she would become a non-Sentinel again.

Zephyrzon said...

@ Rahsaan Chisolm

I hope not! I pray she stays as a sentinel. What powers will she have if she looses her sentinel abilities, which probably explains why she's carrying a gun.

FSaker said...

Rahsaan Chisholm,
Yes, a comeback of Betsy's precognitions and Rachel's chronoskimming would definitely be welcome!

And the woman with the gun is most likely Karima. Wood already confirmed her inclusion in the team, didn't he?

MellyMel said...

i hate when the editors don't do their homework. How do we as fans know more about the continuity of the character than the peeps getting paid to write the stories? It makes the stories so confusing sometimes

MellyMel said...

Excited about Monet though! Can't wait to see the use and limits of her powers. I feel like she didn't do too much in X-factor power-wise, although that was one of my favorite titles, it wasn't as action-based as i would have liked

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

It is indeed a damn shame. Especially, because Wikipedia is free, open access. Adding insult to injury... Typhoid was once called Mutant Zero.