Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is Ultimate Psylocke Alive?

Yes! Brian Wood, Ultimate Comics X-Men writer, says so!

When a fan tweeted that Ultimate Psylocke was dead, Brian Wood replied that she was not and could be seen in the preview pages of Ultimate Comics X-Men #19.

Apparently Marvel told him Ultimate Betsy was available to use even though her death was confirmed in Ultimate X-Men: Requiem. Click here to read her obituary!

Weird, huh? Ultimate Comics X-Men #19 is on sale on November 28.


Brian said...

Eh, why not? Our girl has always had a penchant for not staying dead.

FSaker said...

Good news. When we think about it, her death in Ultimatum never made sense anyway; not when she was previously shown as capable of transferring her mind to another body before her previous one died. And she was never shown getting killed in Ultimatum, anyway (her death happened off-panel, what a disgrace).

The downside is that Wood also told that Ultimate Psylocke won't be a major character in Ultimate Comics:X-Men, and she can barely be called a minor character (which means she'll probably just cameo in a couple panels with no lines and that's it). Well, at least she's alive.

Eduardo said...

Aff Psylocke does not need that...
Can't anybody think of her as not just a secondary character??
She had been so well introduced back, but again got misused. The last we saw from her was she asking for help and nothing else. With her powers, she could have made a lot of difference, but they just preferred to push her out again...
Don't care a bit for this...I am waiting for her new title. And to see her give the Shadow King what he deserves on the next issue of Uncanny X-Force.
I respect her decision not to kill him and would really like to see her treat this in a different way.

FSaker said...

Actually, many writers can think of her as a primary character. Remender practically put Psylocke as the lead character in Uncanny X-Force. Wood himself gave her a very prominent role in X-Men vol.3.

The thing with Ultimate Psylocke is that after Robert Kirkman officially made her part of the Ultimate X-Men (she was originally introduced by Mark Millar in the Ultiverse, but just as a STRIKE agent), the following writer (Aron Coleite) just ignored that in his first arc. Shortly after, Ultimatum came and... yeah. She died. So did A LOT of heroes (including A-List ones like Wolverine, Cyclops and Professor X).

Ultimatum was a disaster that killed the interest many readers had about the Ultimate Universe. It seems that just after the Death of Spider-Man arc it is becoming interesting again. So in the end, Ultimate Betsy being alive (even if just as a cameo) is good news, it means that even though she may be just a cameo now, she may become more important in the future.

Maybe she could go to the Ultimates, as I read somewhere that her brother (not sure if Brian or Jamie) is part of the team.

CmX said...

This is great news! I always really liked Ult Psylocke a lot, and thought she had great potential. This is a perfect opportunity for me to try out Wood's Ult XMen :)

Eduardo said...

Yes, I meant only in the ultimate series that she was badly explored and developed.
The job in Uncanny X-force was pretty awesome and this could have been done years ago.
I am waiting to "watch the throne".