Wednesday, June 27, 2012

X-Men #31 Spoilers

Spoilers: The X-Men uses their jet’s EMP to attack the sea-monster before it can take them down. The monster explodes, and Colossus, still underwater, is knocked out. The X-Men head to Paris where they seek Sabra for they need fuel, maintenance and medical care for Colossus. Doctor says Piotr is suffering from mild shock and should rest. Pixie warns the team of another monster in Canada. This one never stops, so Storm sends Psylocke and Pixie to check on it. Dr. Hunter calls Storm and after analyzing the first monster’s samples, she tells Ororo these creatures are a different species of mutants like Neanderthals were different from humans. Dr. Hunter explains that the sample was bio-engineered though. The monsters were created in labs, as in, someone is creating mutants from ancient DNA. In Canada, Psylocke tells Pixie that the sea-monster’s mind was primitive, running in fear. Storm calls Pixie back and let Psylocke by herself to deal with the new monster. Domino and Colossus disagrees with Storm about hiding this stuff from Cyclops, while Psylocke and Pixie agree with her. In Canada, Psylocke meets the new monster. By using her telepathy, she finds out where he is coming from and starts following him.

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