Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kieron Gillen Talks Psylocke

Somebody has asked Kieron Gillen about Psylocke in Uncanny X-Men via formspring. Sounds like we shouldn't expect much from Betsy in "Uncanny X-Men" in 2011. Check it out:

Is Psylocke still part of the core cast of Uncanny X-Men? Seems like since she was included in Uncanny X-Force, Betsy stopped appearing in Uncanny X-Men for some reason.

Kieron Gillen: While there's no hard or fast rule - she shows up in Quarantine briefly - when we have so many characters, when someone is "starring" elsewhere and isn't someone who necessarily has to be present (i.e. Cyclops, etc), they're not someone who I'd immediately turn to that often. Rick is doing awesome stuff with her over on X-force though, isn't he?


Senhorito said...

I don t think AXL thinks that way.... eat your words up, and your shitty plots..

Chris said...

As much as I'd love to see Betsy everywhere,I tend to agree with Gillen. There are X-Men characters who needs more the exposure in Uncanny: Dazzler, Northstar, Colossus, Kitty... Psylocke has a safe place in X-Force right now.

CmX said...

I bet he'll continue to use Warren, Fantomex and Wolverine in the book.

Such a double standard. Just like why she can't at least cameo ocassionally in Gischler's X-Men.

FSaker said...

Considering how bad Uncanny X-Men is nowadays (I hope Gillen can help to improve its quality, but his first issue as co-writer wasn't really great...), that's not necessarily bad news.

I don't mind Betsy not being featured as a main character in UXM, but I hope she can at least cameo every now and then. You know, just to remember the readers that she is still part of the X-Men.

But the main roles, like Chris said, should be given to characters that currently NEED them, like the ones he listed. I'd add Storm and Gambit, but it seems both of them will be better settled in Gishler's X-Men book (which, like CmX said, is a book where Psylocke SHOULD cameo occasionally; damn, she hasn't appeared in a single issue of it so far, even as wallpaper...).

FSaker said...

But you know, complaints about UXM aside, I must recognize that, as bad as it is, Fraction is at least giving a direction to the X-verse; something that lacks in other X-books (not in UXF, fortunately!).

He's a great plotter, but falls flat in execution. I think he could maybe be a great X-editor, or at least let other writer get the task to turn his plots into an actual script. Maybe Gillen will be able to do it. I hope so.