Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carey and Alonso Talk "Age of X"

Via Facebook, Mike Carey confirmed that Psylocke should appear in the upcoming Age of X storyline: "Psylocke is in the mix."

X-Books main editor, Axel Alonso also talks about Age of X and declares Psylocke as his favorite character:

One of the next big pieces of Marvel that has been hitting hard on this week is the teaser for "Age of X." It's a book where you're keeping some things close to the vest, but from the characters involved, it seems like Mike Carey is running the show here, breaking out some characters and threads that have been building with "Legacy" for a while. Axel, how has this story been an outgrowth of Mike's work, and how will it hook up with the rest of the X-line?

Alonso: This is an instance where a writer – Mike Carey – had an idea big enough that his editor – Daniel Ketchum – thought we should huddle up to discuss it. Upon review, David Gabriel and I realized we were looking at a tight and focused event, more along the lines of "Curse of the Mutants" than, say, "Second Coming." It's a big story, but it doesn't cut across lot of titles and it definitely won't outstay its welcome.

Another standout character from the "Age of X" cast is Hellion, whose inclusion reminded me how more often than almost any other characters, the cast of "New X-Men" get asked after on the boards. They're very popular with some fans, and I wondered, both in this case specifically and in general, how much that groundswell interest affects how you look at bringing back certain characters or ideas and how the writers decide who to play with.

Alonso: We pay close attention to the fact that there are people that want to see Hellion in his own series. It means there's passion for the character. That said, we don't want to trot something out there unless we think we can find an audience. I mean, there's a lot of folks out there that clamor for Westerns – myself, included – but that doesn't mean they burn up the sales charts. [Laughter] At the X-Men summits, Gambit, Hellion and my personal favorite Psylocke always come up in discussion. I mean, I love Psylocke and I love Mystique – I would love to do a substantial series featuring them as leads, but before I do, I've got to know I can really deliver the goods.


Ben said...

Sounds like she'll have a cameo... better than nothing, I guess.

The Great Black North said...

I may have missed it in the above post but is this an alternate reality/time line like days of the future past?

FSaker said...

@Ben - Yeah, it is. Better than the Age of Apocalypse, in which originally she didn't even exist (only many years later when this timeline was revisited we got to see AoA-Psylocke).

@The Great Black North - It seems so. The information about Age of X is still very vague, but considering the difference in looks and how some X-Men even changed codenames (like Cyclops becoming Basilisk and Rogue becoming Reaper), I guess it is either an alternate present timeline (like Age of Apocalypse or House of M) or a possible future (like Days of Future Past).

Quillakasha Creative said...

Will they call Psylocke Butterfly?
I cannot wait for this. So excited